Cleaning Business Marketing Tool – Free Media Publicity

For a new house cleaning business owner, you are most likely very much appreciative of any cleaning business tips that may come your way. Well, putting up the business is basically standard. However, it is marketing your business to the general public that may need a bit of your creative ideas.Advertising Up and DownsThe thing about marketing is that it is basically advertising. And advertising may reap results for your cleaning business, but it may also burn a hole into your cleaning business’ marketing budget. There are many ways to advertise your business – through newspaper ads, magazines, billboards, radio, or even television. However, these range from expensive to quite expensive, up to really expensive. Although if it does have returns, then these ways may be worth the expense; but if it doesn’t, then it just sucked a huge amount of money from your company.Free Media PublicityThis is one way of advertising that won’t burn a hole in your house cleaning business’ budget’s pocket. This is what people usually know as “press release”. You don’t really sell or advertise the product or service. Instead, what happens is that the company’s name is mentioned in an article or any kind of press release, giving it exposure to the public’s awareness.This is one of the cleaning business tips that you ought to know as a starting cleaning business owner. And another thing that you should know too: the downside of free media publicity is that although your company’s exposure is given a boost through here, you however, have no final say on what will be reported. But then, it’s free publicity of your business – a great cleaning business marketing tool!Basically, you, yourself, can submit a press release to your local paper. You write an article about an event that recently took place, or will take place, and if you are involved in the activity as an active member or a sponsor, you can include your company’s name. For example, an organization or social group is planning a tree planting activity and your company is a sponsor or participant, say you donated a tree or you sponsored financially – you can include that on the press release. However, the article should be about the event, and your company’s name is just a mere mention in that article.You can also have your company’s name featured in home keeping magazine articles. You may contact the editor for the lifestyle or home section of the magazine and discuss it. So basically, free media publicity is free, or if it may cost you, it will be very minimal. It’s a good way to expose your company.